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Reliable. Professional. Friendly.


Dr. Meenakshi Sundari

Dental Surgeon

Relieve Dental Clinic, headed by Dr. Meenakshi Sundari. She encompass more than 4 years of Dentistry experience and have handled critical cases during the early stages of her career.


Confidence, Empathy & Friendliness are few of her well-known qualities. She’s adored & easily approachable by Kids & Elderly.


Fuelled with passion, she is committed to provide amicable service & personalised patient care. She’s the best at accommodating & communicating with patients about the dental procedure, dental & oral hygiene and helping patients overcome their dental distress.

The Team

We are passionate young minds with an entrepreneurial spirit and a mix of Health care & Tech. With a vision to educate people - the importance of dental & oral hygiene.


With our individual experience in specific field, we want Dentistry to be an Internet, reaching every individual in nooks and corners of the world.  

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